About Us

SmartVoice is an award-winning multinational company with a long history in the field of voice recording. We are located in Hong Kong - the Asian Financial Capital and we serve clients all around the world. We specialize in providing call recording products and solutions to contact centers, financial markets, trading floors and public utility services. Our products have been proven to improve operational productivity and business results. We are highly customer centered and offer tailor made solutions to suit your needs.

- Mission -

Our mission statement is to employ technology to add value to our customer`s operations. We believe in providing high-quality voice and call recording solutions to a wide range of customers - call centers, financial professionals, emergency services, trading floors and the general public including journalists, reporters and attorneys. To this end, we work closely with our customers and offer them the latest technology solutions available in the market.

- Vision -

We envision becoming the leading call recording solutions provider worldwide with a special focus on Asian markets. We aim to forge sustainable relationships with our customers by providing tailor-made products to boost their productivity.

What we do

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Customer Defined Features

Each and every one of our products is designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We work closely with our customers by understanding their business operations and identifying how we can add “value” to their organization. Very often, the product design is entirely dictated by our customers. In addition to this customer-centric design process, we are also open to altering our products (adding/removing features) to suit specific business needs.

Technology of Business

We believe in making technology work - employing technology to boost business productivity. Because of this unique focus, we concentrate our time and energy on creating 'solutions' (unlike our competitors who simply churn out products). For instance, we ensure that our call recording tools are compatible with a wide range of PABX systems in order to save cost (on additional hardware) and adapt to our customer's changing IT environment. For more info, please see our products catalogue.

Awards and Recognition

Our sophisticated technology and high quality services have been well recognized by the corporate community. Our products have been certified by major organizations including CE, FCC & CMM 2 (CMU). We have also secured the "Software & IT development Specific Fund" on numerous occasions. In addition to being recognized as "National Security System Integration Enterprise", our products have passed the Computer Information System Integration qualifications.