Internet Messaging
Recording System

About SmartVoice IMRS Recording

SmartVoice Internet Messaging Recording System (IMRS) lets you manage and oversee your trading communications for compliance purposes. The features include recording text, audio and video messages from WeChat and WhatsApp. Such recordings can also be stored and saved for record keeping. All in all, you can eliminate chances of fraud and compliance breaching through cautionary steps.

About Regulatory Requirements

Regarding internet messaging applications such as WeChat and WhatsApp, firms have to keep track of order messages and ensure proper record keeping. This means to record WeChat calls and messages in order to make it readily accessible for compliance monitoring and audit purposes.


Save and view text, video and audio messages between your clients directly from your desktop

Our application operates quick and smoothly so you can save and retrieve information in a fast manner

With low memory usage, save your memory for the more important activities

Security is our number one priority. You can safely record WeChat messages which include mobile calls, videos and audio with the highest level of protection

How It Works

Still not sure how it works? Don't worry; here is a diagram to show how our IMRS can help you in more ways than one.
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