What We Do

What SmartVoice does

What We Do

We provide the latest voice technology solutions that enable our customers to record calls and other forms of business communications. Our trademark product is the SmartVoice Logger which is a voice logger that is compatible with a wide range of communication systems offering unparalleled security and reliability. We also customize our products to suit the IT environment of our customers. On the business front, we maintain strategic alliances with a number of telecommunication companies and other service providers.

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From products to solutions

We go the extra mile to ensure our products add value to our customers and boost their business productivity. We do this by working closely with our customers; understanding their needs and business operations. This understanding enables us to customize our product features that end up offering our customers a unique competitive advantage. For instance, our telephone recording systems employ dynamic search criteria that make call management and monitoring simple yet effective.

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Asia Focus

We serve customers from all around the world, but our tradition and culture is deeply rooted in Asia. Here, we have established long-term partnerships with a number of organizations and customers ranging from the financial markets of HK (Hong Kong) to the call centers of Philippines. We understand the specific needs and constraints of the Asian markets giving us the ability to customize our solutions to suit the Asian market place. Our central location in HK (Hong Kong) gives us a strategic advantage of residing next to the economic powerhouse of China as well as the bustling South East Asian market.

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Market Adaptability

Each and every one of our products is designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We work closely with our customers by understanding their business operations and identifying how we can add “value” to their organization. Very often, the product design is entirely dictated by our customers. For example, we developed a mobile recording solution for real estate agents who are seldom at their office so that they can follow compliance regulations while on foot. In addition to this customer-centric design process, we are also open to altering our products (adding/removing features) to suit specific business needs.