Who We Are


We are a subsidiary company of Synway - a world leader in telecommunication systems based in Mainland China. We mainly focus on marketing & sales and creating customized technology solutions for our customers in the Asia Pacific region. Our small team in Hong Kong consists of seasoned engineers and business professionals with a long experience in the field of voice recording. We also draw on the rich expertise and R&D facilities of our central office in Mainland China to stay abreast of the market trends.

Our Philosophy

Our mission statement is to employ technology to add value to our customer`s operations. Specifically, we believe in providing high-quality voice and call recording solutions to a wide range of customers - call centers, financial professionals, emergency services, trading floors and the general public including journalists, reporters and attorneys. To this end, we work closely with our customers and offer them the latest technology solutions available in the market.

Our Customers & Partners

We strive to cultivate sustainable and synergetic relationships with our customers and partners - who form an integral part of our business operations. We also take keen interest in their operations and seek to understand their needs in order to better customize our products. Our positive customer reviews and the long-standing relationships with partners from different countries stand testament to this fact.

Awards and Recognition

Our sophisticated technology and high quality services have been well recognized by the corporate community. Our products have been certified by major organizations including CE, FCC & CMM 2 (CMU). We have also secured the "Software & IT development Specific Fund" on numerous occasions. We have also been recognized as "National Security System Integration Enterprise" and our products have passed the Computer Information System Integration qualifications.